Local Delivery Vehicle & Restrictions Explained

Local Delivery Vehicle.jpg

Our Delivery Vehicle is limited to a payload of 800kg, this means we cannot deliver full pallets of briquettes or pellets in one go as they usually weigh between 900-1000kg and would have to be delivered and charged as two loads.

We offer a Max Payload deal for most of our products, so if you would like a very large amount of one product but don't want to pay for two deliveries, this is your best option.

If you are interested in buying a full pallet or more, please contact us.


Below are some examples that meet the maximum delivery weight of 800kg:

•     2 x crates logs (2 x 400kg)

  • 40 x 10kg Netted Logs (400kg) & 40 x 10kg packs of briquettes (400kg)

•     1 x crate logs (400kg) + 40 x 10kg packs of briquettes (400kg)

•     80 x 10kg packs of briquettes (800kg)

  •  80 x 10kg of wood pellets (800kg)

*All product weights are listed in the product descriptions*

 Firewood in crates will be tipped, and briquettes, netted logs, and pellets unloaded by hand. We will assist where we can to deliver as close to your wood/pellet store as possible.