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Scot Rods | 10kg Pack

Scot Rods | 10kg Pack


Pack Weight: 10kg

Max Delivery Possible: 50 Packs (500kg)


Made by the same producers as our best-selling Woodlets Briquettes. Scot Rods are made from mixed softwoods, compressed into dense, large heat logs.


Each pack contains 5 briquettes, the briquettes weigh around 2kg each, depending on the moisture content at the time of production.


Each briquette is 285 x 90mm.


Scot Rods are easy to break in to smaller pieces if required.


We’ve achieved around 1.5 to 2 hours burn time when using on an established fire. As always the burn time and glow time can vary on the stove they are used in and how the stove is being used. There is minimal expansion with these briquettes.


A great briquette to get your stove up to temperature quickly.

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