Smart "Bulk Bags"

Smart "Bulk Bags"


"Bulk Bag" Equivalent Weight: 200kg (20 Nets)

Max Delivery Possible: 80 Nets (800kg)


We have worked out that when emptied, 20 nets of either Kiln Dried Birch, Oak, or a mix of both perfectly fill up a standard bulk bag.


While bulk bags are a traditional way of buying and storing logs, the cons of this practice largely outweigh the pros. A much better alternative to bulk bags is to buy Netted Logs. Below we will list a few reasons why Netted Logs are the way to go.


Cons of Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags have to be tipped out in your yard/garden

You then have to stack 200-250kg of loose logs

You are left with a big bag which is not easy to get rid of


Pros of Netted Logs

Our Netted Logs are guaranteed to be Kiln-Dried and ready to burn every single time

Netted Logs can easily be stacked and stored in your shed/outbuilding

Logs in Nets are guaranteed to be consistent in length

Nets will always weigh the same

The empty Nets can be easily disposed of